Kitchen Renovations in Ottawa

With over 25 years of experience, Tremblay Renovations one of the most trusted contractors in Canada’s Capital Region. Your kitchen is where your family spends a lot of time together, and a modern, efficient kitchen goes a long way towards the quality family time.

kitchen renovations in ottawa

From Cabinet Upgrades to Complete Kitchen Renovations

As qualified and licensed kitchen renovation contractors, Tremblay Renovations Inc. can handle everything from a small renovation to a full-scale kitchen renovation. We work with you throughout your project, using your ideas and budget to get you the most “bang for your buck”.

Whether you choose modern or traditional styling, we can professionally install the kitchen upgrades you choose, including:

  • Quartz or granite countertops
  • Wood or ceramic flooring
  • White, dark, or natural wood cabinets and drawers
  • Pulldown faucets with a tall neck and detachable spray heads
  • Drop-in and undermount sinks
  • Tiled or marble backsplashes
  • Simple or exquisite Islands

Reasons to Renovate Your Kitchen

Updating your kitchen, even with just a few simple fixes or upgrades such as new cabinets, can help to restore functionality. Visit us on Facebook to help imagine all the benefits of a kitchen renovation. There are photos, videos, and reviews.

If you are planning to sell your home any time in the next five to ten years, investing in a kitchen renovation may lead to a quicker sale and more attractive listing price. So not only will your family enjoy all the benefits of your new kitchen, but you are also likely to see a nice return on investment, or ROI. The bottom line is that a kitchen renovation in Ottawa makes good sense from both a quality of life and financial point of view.

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tremblay renovation are ottawa's kitchen renovation experts

Types of Kitchen Renovation Designs to Consider

All kitchen renovations are unique. How you approach it depends on the layout of your home, kitchen style, and the type of kitchen renovation you want. There are a number of kitchen renovation designs for you to consider, many of which can be seen in our photo gallery. These include:

  • The one-wall kitchen: All cabinets and appliances are along a single wall. It’s ideal for tight spaces. Some modern versions of this design include an island.
  • The galley kitchen: The galley kitchen has two walls that are opposite of each other and is an ideal layout for smaller spaces that have a walk-through design.
  • The L-shaped kitchen: A popular option today, L-shaped kitchens fit perfectly into any corner space. It’s ideal for open concept kitchens.
  • The island kitchen: The island often includes a sink, stove, and other appliances that are built into the design. An eating area is also common as well.
  • The horseshoe kitchen: These U-shaped kitchen designs make use of three walls. Basically, it is an L-shape that utilizes an additional wall for additional cabinets or appliances.
  • The peninsula kitchen: This is a kitchen design that has an island that is connected with the rest of the counters, giving the kitchen somewhat of a G shape. It helps to define space in an open concept home.

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Located at the corner of Canotek and Shefford, our 6000 square foot showroom is the best place to begin planning your home renovation. With multiple rooms fully setup to easily help you visualize your dream home.

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Tremblay Renovations Inc. can help you turn your kitchen into the kitchen of your dreams – a space where you will love you prepare meals and spend quality time with the family. Contact us today with your kitchen renovation plans for a free estimate.